The Bagnall's of Wakefield

Blackpool - 211 & 213 Westmorland Avenue

211 Westmorland Avenue, Blackpool
211 Westmorland Avenue
213 Westmorland Avenue, Blackpool
213 Westmorland Avenue

From the style of the buildings here, their similarity to some which may have been built by Bagnall Brothers of Wakefield, in Wakefield and the fact that both were owned at one time or another by Bagnalls, we might be excused for thinking that they may have been built by Bagnalls too.

If you live or lived in either of these buildings, perhaps you could confirm this or tell me something of the history of the buildings? If so, please contact me. I'd be grateful for any further information.


211 Westmorland Avenue

At one time or another, William Bagnall, Harriet Bagnall, Arthur Bagnall and Edith/Mary Bagnall lived at 211 Westmorland Avenue. Pamela Brockbank was also born there to Isabel Marsh (nee Bagnall). This is confirmed by Pamela's birth certificate.

William Bagnall passed away at 211 Westmorland Avenue as we know from his obituaries.

213 Westmorland Avenue

According to Pamela, Ronald Bagnall lived at 213 Westmorland Avenue with Sheila, his first wife, (nee Button).