The Bagnall's of Wakefield

1891 Census

Thomas & Hannah Bagnall Household

1891 Census entry for Thomas and Hannah Bagnall Household

From the 1891 census, we know that in 1891, Thomas and Hannah lived at 18 Rawling Yard (off Stanley Road).

Thomas is listed as being 69 and Hannah as 65. I think that under occupation it says "Living on own means", though the writing is not clear. This I think means they were retired. No others (for example children) are listed at that address.

John & Mary Ann Bagnall Household

1891 Census entry for John and Mary Bagnall Household

John was 42, a "Builder and Contractor". Mary Ann was 41. They lived at 78 Stanley Road, Wakefield in the Parish of Saint Andrew. Their children living at home at that time were:

Hannah BagnallAge 16 Age looks like 18, but would be more likely to be 16 to fit in with the 1881 census
William BagnallAge 14BricklayerA little young nowadays to be a bricklayer
Ann E BagnallAge 13Scholar 
George BagnallAge 12Scholar 
Louisa BagnallAge 9Scholar 
Edith BagnallAge 7Scholar 
Harry BagnallAge 5Scholar 
Mabel BagnallAge 3