The Bagnall's of Wakefield

John Bagnall

John Bagnall

Born 1849

John Bagnall was my Great, Great Grandfather. He was born in 1849 (We know this from the 1881 census, the 1891 census, the 1901 census and from his marriage certificate).

Marriage 9 September 1871

John and Mary Ann's Marriage Certificate

John marries Mary Ann Wilby 9 September 1871 at West Parade Chapel, aged 22, Mary Ann is also 22. West Parade Chapel, sadly, has since been demolished.

With this marriage certificate, I was able to determine Mary Ann's maiden name and confirm both Mary Ann and John's ages (matching the ages on the 1901 census).

John's profession was bricklayer and Mary Ann's was domestic servant. Both John and Mary Ann lived in "Eastmoor near Wakefield".

This certificate was also the first clue to be able to step back yet another generation, since I discovered John and Mary Ann's Fathers' names - Thomas Bagnall - a labourer and Joseph Wilby - a cloth presser.

Since Thomas was a labourer, his son, John a bricklayer and his son's - bricklayers and stonemasons, it seems that generation by generation, the Wakefield Bagnall's were making better lives for themselves and ensuring that their children might have better skills and education than they had access to themselves.


John Bagnall's Family Edith Louisa Harry John George Milton Hannah Mary Ann
John Bagnall's Family, I believe taken in the rear garden of Moorvilla. Hover for annotationTap here to show/hide annotation. Click to view large.

It looks to me like John, his wife Mary Ann and my Great Grandfather William were guests at this as yet unknown wedding.

George and Annie's Wedding? John? Mary Ann
William? Milton? Harry? George? Annie?
George and Annie's Wedding? Hover for annotationTap here to show/hide annotation. Click to view large.
Marriage of Miss Annie Bagnall

John is mentioned as father of the bride in this newspaper report of the wedding of "Annie Bagnall", who could be the person listed in the Census as "Ann E. Bagnall?". Mention is made in the exhaustive wedding gift list of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bagnall which could be William and Harriet, George Bagnall, Master Harry and Miss E. Bagnall (Edith?), Mabel Bagnall, Miss L Bagnall - also a bridesmaid (Louisa).

1877 Trade Directory Entry

John is listed in a trade directory in 1877 as 'Bagnall John, builder, Stanley Road'

1881 census

From the 1881 census, we know that John was 32, a builder living at Stanley Road, married to Mary A Bagnall who was 31. Their childen (so far) at this time were:

Hannah Bagnall Scholar Age 8 Born 1873
William Bagnall Scholar Age 6 Born 1875
Ann E Bagnall Scholar Age 3 Born 1880
George Bagnall Scholar Age 1 Born 1878

1882 John and Mary Ann Accident

As reported in the Leeds Mercury on 26th September 1882:

1882 Sep 26, Leeds Mercury

1885 December 19th John mentioned in the Wakefield and West Riding Herald

1885 Dec 19 Wakefield and West Riding Herald

John is mentioned.

1890, John Acts as an Executor for Henry Watson

London Gazette October 28th 1890
Excerpt from the London Gazette of October 28th 1890

This excerpt from the London Gazette of October 28th 1890 lists John Bagnall (of Eastmoor) as one of two executors for Henry Watson

1891 census

From the 1891 census, we know that John was 42, a builder & contractor, living at 78 Stanley Road, married to Mary A Bagnall who was 41. Their childen (so far) at this time were:

NAME and Surname of each Person RELATION to Head of Family AGE last birthday PROFESSION or OCCUPATION Where Born
Hannah Bagnall Daughter 18 Wakefield, Yorkshire  
William Bagnall Son 16 Wakefield, Yorkshire Bricklayer
Ann E. Bagnall Daughter 13 Wakefield, Yorkshire Scholar
George Bagnall Son 11 Wakefield, Yorkshire Scholar
Louisa Bagnall Daughter 9 Wakefield, Yorkshire Scholar
Edith Bagnall Daughter 7 Wakefield, Yorkshire Scholar
Harry Bagnall Son 5 Wakefield, Yorkshire Scholar
Mabel Bagnall Daughter 3 Wakefield, Yorkshire  

1901 census

From the 1901 census, we know that in 1901, John lived on Stanley Road, perhaps still at 78 or maybe the house we think he may have built - 174 Aberford Road? (Aberford Road today extends from Stanley Road). The ecclesiastical Parish was the parish of St. Andrew.

John was a bricklayer and an employer, aged 52. His wife, Mary is listed as being 57, though the marriage certificate (See above) shows them as being the same age. The 1881 census gives their ages as 32 and 31 and the 1891 census gives their ages as 42 and 41. I believe the 1901 census is in error and that their ages were very close.

John and Mary had the following children living with them by 1901:

George Bagnall Bricklayer Age 21
Louisa Bagnall Milliner Age 19
Edith Bagnall Dressmaker Age 17
Harry Bagnall Stonemason Age 15
John M Bagnall   Age 4

These in addition to those listed in the 1881 census who by 1901 had left home or perhaps died.

We know William had his own house by now since there is also an entry in the 1901 census for William and Harriett's family.

1910 Died

London Gazette of March 29th 1910
Excerpt from the London Gazette of March 29th 1910

This excerpt from the London Gazette of March 29th 1910 includes notice from the executors of John Bagnall's will and informs us that he died on 14th February 1910.