The Bagnall's of Wakefield

John Milton Bagnall

John Milton Bagnall

Born 1896/1897

From the 1901 census when John Milton was 4, we can deduce that he was born in 1896/1897.


I believe this may be John Milton in the following photos.

John Bagnall's Family Edith Louisa Harry John George Milton Hannah Mary Ann
John Bagnall's Family, I believe taken in the rear garden of Moorvilla. Hover for annotationTap here to show/hide annotation. Click to view large.

It looks to me like John, his wife Mary Ann and my Great Grandfather William were guests at this as yet unknown wedding.

George and Annie's Wedding? John? Mary Ann
William? Milton? Harry? George? Annie?
George and Annie's Wedding? Hover for annotationTap here to show/hide annotation. Click to view large.
Service Paper for the Wakefield Regiment of the Royal Engineers

This is also backed up by his record of service paper for the Wakefield Regiment of the Royal Engineers, which lists him as 20 years old in 1916. It also lists his residence as 50 Lower York Street.

I was contacted by Irene Wilson who very kindly supplied her recollection:

My Grandfather was Harry Bagnall who originally lived on Stanley Road Wakefield. He died when I was quite young and his wife died before I was born. I can remember him when he got old he went to live in Oxford with his youngest daughter Norah. He came back to Wakefield to stay with his eldest daughter Gertrude Mary (my mother) at Albion Street Wakefield. I think this was about 1960 and it was always said that he came back to Yorkshire to die.

I seem to remember he had a brother who lived in York Street Wakefield. I think he was called Milton or something like that. (RB: This could perhaps be John Milton Bagnall)

I was always told as a child that Harry and his father built the public library in Wakefield and a school near the market. (RB: See Drury Lane Library)

- Irene Wilson