The Bagnall's of Wakefield

William Bagnall (Senior)

William and Sarah's Marriage Entry in St John's Church Register

William Bagnall was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather.

Christened 10 January 1802 at St. Helens, Sandal Magna

Marriage 20 November 1820

St John's Church, Wakefield
St. John's Church, Wakefield

William marries Sarah Woodhead 20 Nov 1820 at St John's Church in Wakefield.


From the baptism records of some of William's children, we know that Willliam Bagnall (senior) was a foundry worker who worked at times as an Iron Moulder.

An Iron Moulder is the man who pours molten iron into moulds.

Foundry Foundry Foundry Foundry